Who's That Girl...

It's Anna Moos!

Let's be real for a minute, I'm not too good at being serious. I don't fully believe in growing up, so don't expect to read a lot of good "adulting" tips because I don't have many. I recently married the hottest guy in the world, Jonathan Moos on September 6, 2015. Together we are dog parents to Remington, our curly-furred golden-doodle who has peed on just about everything in our house. I love Jesus in a major way, and I love to talk about why. I someday aspire to be a Disney Princess, where I can talk to animals and sing my way through every circumstance in life. 

I am currently working as the project manager at a local church in Kalamazoo, MI and also do freelance design work on the side. I am 25 and can't wait to be 80, so that I can cut my grey hair into a bob and wear large round glasses like Iris Apfel. 

I can't tell you how excited it makes me to have this blog. I LOVE to inspire and encourage people to find freedom and creativity in every area of their lives. I am crazy about self expression, and I hope that you are left with brilliant ideas of your own and more belief in yourself through reading my musings. I also hope for you to be humbled by the beauty of the people around you, and that together we can learn how to champion each other's uniqueness and not what makes us the same. So read on, and be inspired!